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Ellen Schrier, MS, LPC, NCC

web: http://www.ellenschrier.com

phone: 215-593-9167

Ellen Schrier is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor providing individual, couples and family counseling specializing in premarital and marital couple therapy.  Through counseling she helps you learn how to improve communication and become better connected.  She works with you to uncover issues that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from enjoying the life you desire and deserve.

A Little Bit About Ellen

With her own successful 41-year marriage, including raising children and working as a marriage counselor with many couples, she understands the many difficult emotions that occur during times of stress and strife in a couple relationship.

Working in community centers, schools and receiving specialized training in couples therapy is part of her 13+ years of experience as a counselor. Her experience in helping people work through their issues further deepens her ability to provide the skills and language necessary to help you break through your existing or potential problem areas.  You can break free from the destructive trap of blaming, defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling so common during times when angry words have been spoken.

What To Expect From Counseling

Her focus is on solutions and the tender emotions that are underlying the issues holding your problems in place.  She looks for ways to build upon your strengths rather than focus on weaknesses. Emphasis is placed on building and restoring your friendship, developing mutual respect for one another and creating a positive atmosphere.  Under these conditions it becomes more manageable to learn more effective ways of relating to others in regard to conflict, compromise and resolution. Therapy can help you uncover your own internal solutions to life’s challenges.

Specialized Couple Training

1.  Pre-marital Counseling

One of the best ways to protect your future marriage is to take steps to ensure success and reduce the risk of divorce.  Distressed couples will divorce within the first seven years of marriage.  She has been trained in several scientifically-based premarital assessments (Prepare/Enrich and Focus Pre-Marital Inventory). She recommends a minimum of 5 sessions per couple.

2.  Marriage Counseling

Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

She has completed Level 2 Training in Gottman Couples Therapy, and use Gottman Method Couples Therapy in her work. She believes that couple satisfaction occurs more readily when you and your partner are feeling validated, understood, appreciated and respected.  As you learn how to develop a culture of positivity, conflicts can be resolved easier and occur less frequently.

She also has completed training in Emotionally Focused Therapy which helps couples form a closer connection by uncovering and identifying the deeper underlying emotions that keep them apart.   Without a secure emotional attachment to your partner, you can feel off balance, unsure and insecure when trying to work through problematic situations.  When you are securely emotionally attached to your mate, you feel that your partner will always be there. You can trust that he/she will love you unconditionally through the difficult times.

She works together with you as a team to identify problem areas, open up couple communication and promote understanding.  It is not only her specialized professional skills, but also her extensive personal experience that she combines to help you maintain or repair those relationships most precious to you. When you are grounded in supportive, loving bonds, all of life seems easier, more bountiful and more beautiful!

Couples Group Workshops

  1.  Prepare/Enrich

Prepare/Enrich is an easy-to-use, scientifically developed relationship too for couples during every stage of their relationship.  

Premarital Couples

Why is premarital preparation important?  Were you aware that 40 - 50% of all marriages end in divorce?  Premarital education is a great way to get your marriage off to the best start possible!  It can help you to communicate more effectively, reduce conflict and increase couple satisfaction.   Studies show that premarital programs can reduce your risk of divorce by 30%.  This 5 week comprehensive program includes an online assessment, workbook containing 22 exercises and private and group discussions that deepen your love and understanding of each other.  To register now click here

Married Couples

In addition to premarital preparation, Prepare/Enrich is also a great resource for married couples looking to enrich and enhance their relationship.  The majority of married couples who have completed this  program report an improvement in their marital quality and satisfaction.  Whether you have only been married a few years and running into some small speed bumps or have been married for many years finding yourself going through a rough patch or you just want to turn a good marriage into a better one, then this is this program for you.  The assessment is tailor-made for your particular needs and concerns and includes an online assessment, workbook containing 22 exercises and private and group discussions.  To register now click here

Click on this link for  Prepare/Enrich Flyer