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Problems Addressed

The first step in seeking professional help is often the most difficult because it involves acknowledging a particular problem exists. While the door toward new solutions is always present, the choice to open the door to well-being, is solely yours.  The good news is, after the first step forward, together, we will embark on a path toward feeling more hopeful.

Typical problems I’ve worked with families to resolve include:
  • Depression –  Many families seek therapy for a teen experiencing depression (a severe or prolonged sense of sadness).  I work with teens to help them take positive steps to improve their mood, build confidence, and ultimately feel more hopeful about the future.
  • Anxiety –  Teens experiencing extremely anxious thoughts and feelings often avoid important aspects in their lives.  I employ cognitive behavioral therapy strategies to help change personal thoughts that produce anxious feelings and behavior.  These changes help clients feel secure in taking on their anxious feelings or fears independently.
  • ADD/ADHD  –  Difficulties with focus, attention, and hyperactivity can cause school-related difficulties, impulsive decision-making, and strained relationships. I help clients create a systematic plan to stay organized enabling them to manage time, tasks and responsibilities with greater success.
  • Parent Coaching Parents experiencing difficulty with energy-draining child behaviors like arguing, nagging, and oppositional behavior often seek my parent coaching services.  I help parents learn practical skills for helping to raise responsible, respectful, and contributing family members. Click here to read more about Parenting the Love and Logic Way™
  • Family Transitions – Teens and parents experiencing difficulty adjusting to a life change like divorce, separation, or family relocation often need support during these kinds of major transitions.
  • Major Life Decisions – Students having trouble clarifying their future and/or post-secondary plans can benefit from assistance with exploring and discovering options, reflecting on their interests and strengths, and deciding on a personal path forward.
  • Academic Underachievement – Students experiencing academic difficulty may require school-based support or changes to their study habits. I can review student records and help you work with your child’s school to devise an appropriate course of action.
    To schedule an appointment or a phone consultation, to learn more about my experience with addressing a particular problem or my therapy process, please feel free to contact me.