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Therapy for Teens

We have all gone through periods of time feeling stuck – reliving the same challenge over and over again only to experience the same result. Life presents daily obstacles along our road toward personal fulfillment.  In today’s high-speed society, teens and parents face a new frontier of challenges – a new landscape of experiencing life…unknown to any previous generation.  Within keystrokes, kids can access the super information highway.  With so many opportunities to explore, it is sometimes difficult to process it all, to navigate major life decisions.   

Helping teens and parents move beyond feeling “stuck” and move forward is the focus of my professional practice.

My mission:

Building collaborative plans of action designed to transform unhealthy lifestyle practice into healthy lifestyle practice by learning to cultivate and foster opportunities for daily growth until a sense of independence and overall well-being is achieved.

Learn. Grow. Achieve Life!

Both teens and parents want to fulfill a sense of purpose in life.  Sometimes breaking free from feeling “stuck” requires professional consultation or therapy.

Working as a team we will:

·      Set goals and appreciate small victories

·      Cultivate curiosity and enthusiasm for new challenges

·      Foster opportunities for growth and development

·      Grow potential to achieve desired lifestyle goals


We will transform your child’s current obstacle into an opportunity to build strength and resilience to meet challenges along the road ahead.


Please contact me to schedule an appointment or for a phone consultation.